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Games of My Youth

Each generation calls certain toys and games "its own", which the previous or next generation is not familiar with. Do you still remember your favourite toy?

Nowadays, we, adults, play less and less because of our daily obligations; yet children are constantly inviting us to a world of fantasy, if only we take the time to listen to them. At the exhibition, parents and children can guide one another around the exhibited toys and thus personalise their tour.

You can see homemade toys, ones that are older than the town of Nova Gorica itself, a series of board games, or try out an old video game. The largest showcase contains the most diverse toys. You can read the short stories of toys, see examples of “good toys” or the toys brought to the museum by primary school students.

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The exhibition area in which you can discover hidden objects by feeling around is also intended for the blind and visually impaired.

You will see toys with which either boys or girls played with, as well as those that were intended for all children. You can also do a lap around the "car track" or simply admire the little trains below. Then there are the puppets from the theatre group of the female puppeteer from Ajdovščina Ada Bačar, which are on display as part of the Year of Puppets. The exhibition is complemented by a video presentation of outdoor games, in which players' statements are merged with demonstrations of specific games.

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We wish you a playful tour!

Location: Villa Bartolomei

From: 7 Oct 2016
Till: 20 May 2019

Author of the exhibition:
David Kožuh

Author of the part on puppets:
dr. Borut Koloini

Boris Blažko
Design in Braille:
Matej Doljak and David Kožuh

Layout manager:
Boris Slokar

Professional assistance with adjustments for the blind and visually impaired:
Medobčinsko društvo slepih in slabovidnih Nova Gorica / Inter-Municipal Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired Nova Gorica

Preparation of tactile maps:
David Kožuh, Diego Biloslavo, Davorin Pogačnik

Marjana Gabrijelčič

Filming and video editing:
AVP S d.o.o., Ivo and Iztok Saksida