Goriski Muzej Dom V Prazgodovini

The Home in Prehistoric Times. Interior of an Early Iron Age House in the Posočje Region

Kromberk Castle Od 20 Jun 2020 do 19 Jun 2021

The archaeological remains from researched settlements reveal what a late prehistoric home was like, what the interiors of houses looked like, and which activities were practised in them. There are many known settlements from the Early Iron Age (9th-4th century BC) in the vast area shaped by the flow of the Soča River and its tributaries, but most of them are poorly researched. One exception is the settlement in Most na Soči, where more than 30 houses have been discovered.

Obisk Regenta Aleksandra, 29. 6. 1920, Celje (Muzej Novejše Zgodovine Celje). 2

Buči, buči morje Adrijansko

Kromberk Castle Od 18 May 2020 do 11 May 2021

The exhibition narrates about Slovenians from Primorska region in Celje after World War 1. Originally it was on display in the gallery of the Museum of Recent History Celje, with which they marked the centenary of the end of World War I at the museum. As a temporary exhibition it is gonna be on display in the regional museum Goriški muzej for approximately one year.

Rodna Vera Razstava

Native Faith. Cult Stones and Gifts

Villa Bartolomei Od 24 Jun 2019 do 31 Dec 2020

Rafael Podobnik has donated his ethnological collection “Native Faith. Cult Stones and Gifts” to the Regional Museum Goriški muzej. The collection comprises 65 exhibits collected between 1992 and 2018 between the Trenta Valley and the Kras region. The exhibition bearing the same title is accompanied by a catalogue, video and Podobnik's photographs, which complement the exhibits with intangible contents.

Zacasna Meja Cona A

Temporary Border. Life and Longing in Zone A (1945–1947)

Villa Bartolomei Od 4 Sep 2018 do 31 Oct 2020

This exhibition commemorates the 71st anniversary of the creation of the western Slovenian border. It outlines the life in the area of Venezia Giulia before the border was created in 1947, and through the memories of the local population reveals the complex relationships within the region at the time of the Allied Military Government (AMG).

Zadruzni Dom Hum Skica2

Hum Cooperative Hall – 70 Years

Dobrovo Castle Od 15 May 2018 do 15 Dec 2020

This exhibition was created as a result of the initiative and fieldwork of the Hum Village Community.