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Hum Cooperative Hall – 70 Years

This exhibition was created as a result of the initiative and fieldwork of the Hum Village Community.

The exhibition was originally set up on the 70th anniversary of the construction of the mighty cooperative hall in Hum, on its very premises. It is currently on tour in the tower room on the second floor, next to the Zoran Mušič Gallery. It presents the post-war period, when villagers were building cooperative halls with enthusiasm and voluntary work; to them they signified an economic and cultural future. The exhibition displays documents and photographs collected through fieldwork and archival research, and objects connected with activities carried out at the cooperative hall. In the past, the Hum Cooperative Hall stood for more than just the economic and cultural centre of the village; over the years, it grew into a popular discotheque, where young people from the entire Primorska region would meet. This exhibition was created as a result of the initiative and collaboration of the Hum Village Community.

Zadružni dom Hum

Location: Dobrovo Castle

From: 15 May 2018
Till: 15 Dec 2020

Author of the exhibition:
Tanja Gomiršek