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Permanent Exhibition in Kromberk Castle

The first floor is devoted entirely to fine art. Exhibited in the old art gallery are wooden Late Gothic church sculptures and Baroque paintings. The collection reflects the historical character of the Goriška region as a cultural melting pot, where the influences of the Germanic north, the Mediterranean south and the local cultural tradition intertwine. This cultural and historical collection is presented with 19th century paintings and period furniture. The gallery of 20th century fine artists from the Primorska region presents the stylistic and formal development of fine art in the western part of Slovenian ethnic territory, spanning from realism, postimpressionism, expressionism, new objectivity, colour realism and abstraction to postmodern trends. The gallery, which was officially opened in 1970, presents all the important 20th century fine artists from Primorska. Next to the main hall, where one can see paintings and statues, two more spaces were added recently, in which graphics and drawings are exhibited.

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The entrance hall and amphitheatre contain the lapidarium, while the space on the second floor has been designated for historical, archaeological and ethnological temporary exhibitions.

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